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Valve spring tester Computerized
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Selling my Compu-spring valve spring tester by Power Technology only been used to build a few sets of heads, we out of the racing game so I'm selling my engine tools also. In one stroke of the spring you know everything about the spring, and based on the seat pressure you desire it tells you the installed height required, so shimming is easy! Also you know how mush clearance you have before coil bind, It also calculates the true rate of the spring. Manual testers just cant do this. Also you can truly test your springs for signs of weakness, you are probably throwing away perfectly good springs!

The PT-200 Valve Spring Tester is one of the most successful high performance testing products ever made as it has been used in the vast majority of championship winning engine programs in NASCAR and NHRA Pro Stock racing over the past 15 years. The primary advantage of the PT-200 is that in less than 5 minutes of your time, you can go from a brand new set of valve springs to a table print out that shows exactly what installed heights you need for each spring to closely meet your desired seat pressures, along with all the other important measurements for your springs.

With your camshaft information, the PT-200 also shows you how much open pressure you have on each valve spring, and importantly shows you how much coil bind clearance you have so you can make sure that you meet the manufacturer's recommended coil bind clearance specification for the valve spring.

The Reason the PT-200 can do this so quickly is that it fully automates the measuring process. All you need to do is enter your desired seat pressure and then smoothly compress each spring. Since the computer automates the measuring process, unlike a manual tester you don't have to be trying to hit a specific pressure or installed height. Just smoothly compress the spring and the PT-200 will automatically find the installed height and pressure, open height and pressure and also measures the coil bind clearance for each spring.

$1,000 takes it home! $1,400 new price from them save$$$
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Other Classifieds > Valve spring tester Computerized

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