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5/14/22, 1:02 AM   #21
Re: Too Much??
Charles Nungester
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62 sprints showed up to race on a friday night in indiana Non Wing, We thank you all for doing so.
Charles Nungester
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5/14/22, 1:08 AM   #22
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I promote the Racesaver series here in Indiana. Not totally on topic but 18 cars is the perfect number for a track promoter. 3 heats and a feature, No B-main to slow down the show, and 18 cars is cheaper to pay out than 20-24. Just food for thought.

On topic, sort of, I honestly believe our class fits in well as several things. Support class for sprints, check. Support class for a late model or mod night, check. Headliner class at tracks that don't traditionally run sprints, check. Cheaper to payout for promoters, engines last longer, and several drivers "graduate" up into the 410 stuff anyway so it is a good stepping stone. Obviously I'm biased though. 🙂

Anyway we had a good night tonight at Gas City, 16 cars (just shy of the magic number). 25 fast laps, lots of passing on top and bottom, and only two quick cautions. Great crowd up there tonight and we got to run first since the 410's had a b-main so everyone got to see our show. I hope they all enjoyed it!

-Alfred G.
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5/14/22, 6:29 AM   #23
Re: Too Much??
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Originally Posted by DJlives View Post
What is funny about this is the late Dave Cassady, Tony Hulman Assistant and GM of second generation 16th Street Speedway told me once in the 50s if a sprint car show had 18 cars it was a great field
Sprint cars up through the 50s and 60s were home built shade tree and master craftsmen creations. Gradually the go fast parts were mass produced( suspensions, frames, bodys, etc). Now you can order almost a complete racecar online. I imagine this has helped the car count in many classes Probably the only thing not available online is talent and cahones
When in doubt Gas It
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