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$25,500 as
-2015 FOZ G3 Lightning Sprint. low-pro halo, never upside down, never a hit harder than a nerf or bumper. Utilizes ALL SPIKE midget consumables and replacement parts.
-2018 GSXR1000, 300 mile take out
- Guhl Motors injection system
-Rosson S.S. Header
-Brock's back dated, billet clutch mod.
Utilizes 09/16 clutch, eliminates slipper clutch & associated problems.
-case saver with OE actuator (no hench problems)
-AIM MXM data logger
* A/F ratio, lambda controller, oil pressure, fuel pressure plus all ECU sensors; TPS, ECT, IAT, MAP ect.
* GPS lap times
* can be connected to smarty cam ( not incl. )
*wi-fi connect to laptop, no cable required
- no push-on fittings - ANYWHERE!
- all SANDERS wheels with DMI black widow centers
-ALL Ti hardware (wheels, steering box, steering studs, tank, brakes, ect) save for front shock bolts
- All carbon .040 IPC sheet flat panel body, save for right arm panel. Fully wrapped, so like new underneath.
-long arm chain guide/tensioner with a wide range of adjustment
- ARS twin tube single adjustable shocks.
- 14 inch kirkey seat, with custom booster/ relocation bracket
-Hinchman /Hooker belts, good until 2024.
-nice gloss black fuel safe 9 gal fuel tank/bladder under the teal wrap.

As a complete package with below listed spares $28,500

-Sander lr wheel
-rr ARS slick track shock
-top wing w/ trees, slider, post- external
-front wing
- full set of nerfs and bumpers
- Full set of radius rods with ends (new)
- 6 good torsion bars
- 4 front coils
- ladder
- Torsion arms
- New set RR and LR bird cage bearings.
- Front axle used
- Rear axle used
- large selection of rear axle spacers and cones.
- Many great condition used tires
- 1 new RR sp2 tire
- 13, 14, 15 front sprockets
- 3 riveted DRZ˛ chains, different lengths for different gear combinations
- 12 rear sprockets
- Rear sprocket hub assembly
- spare air cleaner
- 1 oil change and filter
- new fuel pump
- tire bead breaker
- wheel nut socket
- Rear sprocket hub wrench
-extensive notes, and set-up info

*Complete package as listed $28,500*
*add your safety gear and race to win
*prices are as listed
*will not separate any spares
*currently can hear run, system will be cleaned and pickled after Nov 21. No start-ups after that date without a deposit.
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Mini-Sprint Classifieds > 2015 Foz G3/2018 GSXR 1000

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