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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #1 1/14/22 11:12 AM
Can someone reset his account. or something. please

Charles Nungester
Dirtfan (Offline)
  #2 1/15/22 9:28 AM
Chuck,it has something to do with his new phone,he's tried to reset it along w/some members of the Racing Family.

Dan Hetser

"Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is not Promised"
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BrentTFunk (Offline)
  #3 1/15/22 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by Dirtfan:
Chuck,it has something to do with his new phone,he's tried to reset it along w/some members of the Racing Family.
If he has the racing family helping him, they will get it fixed quick. Pretty sharp bunch there.
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interpreter66 (Offline)
  #4 1/15/22 10:45 AM
He just needs to find a 13 year old kid itíll be done in about three minutes😂
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Andrew S. Quinn (Offline)
  #5 1/15/22 11:00 AM
I told Wreck......Errrr Rick last summer a good simple password to use after he forgot his old one and couldnt log on. One of the racing families daughter came to the rescue,and got him back online. Afterwards he assured me he had his login info posted on his refrigerator. I had just assumed he sold his fridge without taking down his password for the new fridge. Then one of the racing families members told me he got a new smart phone that must be smarter than him.

I wonder what he has been doing to keep himself sane? Osgood isnt exactly action central,they just barely got a Caseys General Store,and fast food to the residents there is making a sandwich,and driving down the road exceeding the speed limit!

Hopefully he'll get things figured out soon. We dont know if he went to any great racing events after Sept 3rd 2021....

Originally Posted by i love dirt track racing:
Have fun and enjoy all the great racing events at the local racing events. It's great to live in the the area that we all love and can see some of the best dirt track racing events. Simple the best for us racing fans and teams. Hopefully that the racing fans from other states and from the other side of the country will enjoy all the great racing events and the great hospitality that the state of indiana can provide. Have fun and enjoy. God bless America. Go BLU! Thanks.
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TQ29m (Offline)
  #6 1/15/22 1:52 PM
While Osgood may not be Hayden Intl, it is a high spot in the road, been there a lot over the years, on purpose, nice race track there, old school, but the fans were great, my IOW issued password has faithfully followed me thru several phones, I have it on a card where I can usually be found. Bob

"Being old, isn't half as much fun, as getting there"! Ole Robert I!
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