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Re: Usac/cra
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I had a friend who moved to Phoenix about 25 years ago. He worked in a machine shop. He started asking people about Manzanita, because he wanted to go there. He said out of the 25 people who worked there only 1 had heard of it, and none had actually been there. He told me it seems like it is a bigger deal in Indiana than it is out here.
At the last Western World held at Manzy, I was lucky enough to sing the National Anthem. I was talking to the track owner's daughter. I asked her if they had a good year. Her reply was, better than last year we have only lost $125,000 this year. We lost more the last 2 years. I hated it. It was a great track, but I knew it was in trouble.
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Brent, that really speaks to the small niche we are in the big scheme of things. Here’s a place with an iconic race track that nobody knows about. Imagine if there’s not a race track around, we would be even more obscure.
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