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9/30/22, 9:35 PM   #1
Leary & Hernandez
Terry Porter
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Well from watching the Flo broadcast tonight it appears that Leary got into Hernandez twice tonight. Once in the heat and then again in the A.

Maybe the Flying Fajita should perform Learys signature running dropkick.
10/1/22, 7:00 AM   #2
Re: Leary & Hernandez
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Hernandez goes pretty good. He is by far the best of the new comers out of this 2022 season along with the guy from Texas who had zero luck during the "Smackdown", Dalton Stevens. I also think the guy from England has some talent, Tom Harris.

As far as CJ goes? Maybe he is color blind to blue? As long as he is entrenched with the TV announcer I doubt they do anything?
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10/1/22, 7:50 AM   #3
Re: Leary & Hernandez
The Old Coyote
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seems like a poor choice of words
Real Race Cars Don't Have Fenders!
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10/1/22, 9:23 AM   #4
Re: Leary & Hernandez
Charles Nungester
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I'll certainly give Anton Most improved from what I seen in the Baldwin backup
Charles Nungester
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