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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #11 9/29/22 4:20 PM
Originally Posted by kb78:
People get offended too easily nowadays. I wasn't implying that you were on a witch hunt, I was merely stating that I am not going to automatically blame Flo until I would see some clearer numbers. I don't necessarily agree that it is about right and wrong either, I just think it is about business. If the tracks are on the short end for weekly shows then they will stop signing the contracts or ask for more money, sooner or later the whole business of streaming races will find it's own level and they will have a template going forward.

One things for sure, it's not going away.
Not offended. Just pointing out that without race tracks there is no streaming or racing. And clearly if they can put up 80k races without the promises of fans in the stands. There is probably tens of thousands of dirt racing fans subscribed. Remember that Governors Reighn that paid fifty k to win at Eldora and four big LM races. All with no fans? Yet a USAC race gets a grand, IDK Just seems screwed up to me.

I've been on flo three years and I've watched two non racing events. (My fault) but it's why Im subscribed.

And yes, I said Ronk at THAT knew what he signed. But he's got a point.

Charles Nungester
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OnTheHammer (Offline)
  #12 9/29/22 4:26 PM
Streaming sure didn't hurt attendance at the 4 Crown. Why Perris and not Eldora?
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ossuks (Offline)
  #13 9/29/22 5:57 PM
Maybe attendance is down at some tracks because the ticket prices have gone up so much but peoples income has not! Local shows are at $20 to $25, throw in a sanctioning body and $30 is the basement price. Yet, the purse remain the same. Things that make you go hmm!
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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #14 9/29/22 6:00 PM
Burg also had probably the largest crowd non sanctioned and no streaming last race. Think a lot of people with all the rainouts etc just needed some racing!

Charles Nungester
Aurora78 (Offline)
  #15 9/29/22 6:23 PM
I have Flo and it has never stopped me from going to a track. I was never a Wing or Late Model fan, but with Flo I have been watching and becoming a fan.
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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #16 9/29/22 6:44 PM
I got no idea what it cost flo to stream a race either so there's that. I know a guy that mostly flys, rents a car and films. Plus usually one or two thers for setup that drive a van with all the equipment.

I really liked the answer that it will find it's place and there will either e streaming or not. I know there's kiwis, Aussies and even Brits who catch what they can on FLO.

To me, It's a I can see the race and know what happened. It's enjoyable in a sense, But not the stress relief of being there in person, the sound, sensation and commaderey that happens at the track

Then again, My fifty dollar gas gate and concession trip to Atomic was well over a hundo this year (90% gas) A trip I intend to make again next week for Xtreme

Charles Nungester
The55 (Offline)
  #17 9/29/22 6:48 PM
This isnít about right and wrong, as someone said earlier, it is business. No one was hoodwinked, right? The track agreed to the terms. Now they are upset, understand, they can negotiate a better deal for next year.
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Hubie48 (Offline)
  #18 9/29/22 6:59 PM
I have never understood the economics of racing. It is why I got out of it as a participant!

I only watch USAC for the most part. I grew up on the West Side of Indianapolis. I am a straight up gear head. I have many other interests but USAC Non Wing Sprint cars are the one thing I will go out and do on my own. The other divisions fit in there as well. I just like it. The cars, the speed, the paint jobs, the sound and the guy putting his life on the line, because that is what is going on as well. I never got the fascination with the Chili Bowl either. It's a toy track inside a building. Eldora or Belleville is Midget racing. **** is dangerous.

Now, hoisting a 5000.00 dollar check for winning a Midget feature is an insult in my eyes. I was party to purchase an Ed Pink Midget engine fifteen years ago and it was close to 30k. We had a new Beast car and all the goodies. We are running the National Series and doing all the races. The entire package with spares was north of 100K. Of course we had sponsors. We had success. We had a big crash. It was OVER.

Somebody is making a ton of money and it is NOT THE RACERS.

I'm still going to go. I love racing. I just wish the guys putting their butts on the line were making a decent living. Look at TMez. All the talent in the world. He is sacrificing a heck of a lot to be the kind of racer he is. Robert Ballou as well. There are many others thank God. Racing isn't easy and it's super expensive.

so now there are two entities making tons of dough off others labor. USAC and now Flo? Does not seem right to Me. Like I said, I am only a fan. I am going to the races with my wallet. The economics and ******** are lost on Me. I gave up that fight a long time ago.

PS- Racing a NASCAR stock car in no where near as difficult other than the grind. Some of the guys who graduated and succeed in this series tell me so.

I hope we hang onto Non Wing open wheel racing until they throw dirt in my face. I'm looking at twenty years.

PS X 2 Chet is the absolute worst. Lord God Almighty don't get me started
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Stevensville Mike (Offline)
  #19 9/29/22 7:40 PM
I remember this banter from just over a year ago:

Chiming in live from the West Coast of Michigan.... Mike
sp6967 (Offline)
  #20 9/29/22 8:06 PM
Everything is going to just fine, the Inflation Reduction Act is going to save this whole mess.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help." President Ronald Reagan
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