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Thompson14 (Offline)
  #1 12/30/22 3:40 AM
I’m looking to start my 5 year d daughter in racing any suggestions on what to start her in.
Hustlin-Hoosier (Offline)
  #2 12/30/22 12:55 PM
Where do you live ?
Have you been to any of the tracks in your area ?
Thompson14 (Offline)
  #3 12/30/22 1:20 PM
We live in southern Indiana we are a hour north of Evansville and we have a few dirt track’s around us just trying to find a track that races 1/4 midgets or something for a 5 year old.
Racer12 (Offline)
  #4 12/30/22 7:45 PM
My cousin has a quarter midget for sale. Text me

317 450-1773

Hustlin-Hoosier (Offline)
  #5 1/2/23 2:53 AM
Terre Haute has 1/4 midget track .
TQ97 (Offline)
  #6 1/2/23 2:13 PM
I would suggest you contact someone at THQMA.

Their contact info is on their website
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