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Re: Montpelier Speedway Midget Series Returns Sat. August 2
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Sounds intriguing. Kinda of hard to believe he can get hydraulics flowing enough volume to open and close them valves at high RPM's. I could envision a spool valves doing the job but just not fast enough. The Formula I guys are using Pneumatic valve springs to achieve their RPM's up close to 20,000 + on their little engines but require some very close machine work to accomplish the deed.

Bob mentions the 3500cc motor that was an option on his car. That is the same engine with a bigger bore. This little engines is designed with a split crankcase with main bearings in both sides of the crankcase (Girdle Design). These motors are also cast with permanent molds, that makes them both strong and light as opposed to the sand castings used on todays "modern" Midget Race Engine. They really should have the potential to make an economical and very competitive stock block Midget Motor.

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