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Re: Montpelier Speedway Midget Series Returns Sat. August 2
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Bob and Dad, Thought you would appreciate this guy. He's another Mad Scientist and his name is Dan Bernard. He built some really fast motors BITD at San Jose, winning many races including the Johnny Key Memorial (Tony Ringo). He has perfected a system for OHV motors that eliminates rocker arms. It's a machined aluminum block that bolts where the rocker arm used to. There is a small oil pressure driven piston in the block right over the valve that opens it. No pushrods,lifters and I am assuming cam although he wouldn't tell me that but I would see no reason for one.The obvious trick was to get the valve timing right and he spent well over 20 years of his life doing so. With this system, it will be possible to run lifts/ratios that are impossible to do with rocker arms plus of course, far less friction. When I last saw Dan (2010) he had two running engines: an SBC and a Harley Davidson. I saw both of 'em run and with the valve covers off, it was a really strange sight. At that time, he was talking with multiple car mfg's about buying the patent. I'm sure the Cam Grinders won't like this but neither did the Buggy Whip guys like the Automobile. Coming soon to a Theater near you...........
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