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Re: Montpelier Speedway Midget Series Returns Sat. August 2
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Ken, I've been doing some R&D testing with a couple of ignition builders, and you are correct, more fuel, more advance, one manufacturer I've been working with told me on the bench, he's seen as much as 65 degrees, and still no problems, but this requires a different advance, he has 4 programed in, I am now running in the 45-50 degree range, and the power follows it up, we've not been able to get out much this season, but I think you're right, the old "limits" on advance are being blown away, the one I'm working with now is a mechanical advance, and I have a starter on my motor, I am now at the point where I just advance it till it kicks back a little on the starter, then back it down a degree or 2, so it's in the 45-50 degree range, when the mechanical is all the way advanced, just waiting now for the weather to cut us some slack, and one of my drivers can make time to take a Sat off, but it is there, more then anxious to try it! Bob
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