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Re: Montpelier Speedway Midget Series Returns Sat. August 2
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Dad, Seems like some good base numbers. What are you gonna use for induction? Here's a little true story. Back about 1980 I was racing a Supermodified on the dirt at San Jose. Back then, you could run gas or Alky and I was on gas but needed more. My then Motor Builder the Late Don Canepa took an 850 double Pumper and converted it to run Alky as I couldn't afford injection. It was I'm sure one of the first efforts of that kind and the Motor was an L-T1 350 with about 11:1 Comp. We couldn't get it to run good so I pulled the jets and then, believe it or not both power valves,which turned it in to a toilet, Now we are too rich but Don knew an old school trick. He told me to advance the timing until it ran good. Sure enough it woke that ol' dog up and I became competive at the front of the semi main which is pretty good considering that it was a C race car before. The upshot is that when we checked the timing we found that we had cranked.....55 DEGREES (really) in. That's where I learned that more Fuel and advance = Cheap horsepower. Obviously, If I had more compression the thing would have blown itself apart. Just some food for thought............Ken
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