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nonwing77 8/17/16 4:49 PM


Originally Posted by rg1 (Post 455403)
It is listed on our website at the following link.
Thanks - Rob Goodman

Just curious how you came up with the mc3 as opposed to the mc2 as the 3 is way harder than the medium? The mc2 is the more comparable tire. And more guys on American racers that I know run the mc2 over the mc3 and would be more available. Just a suggestion Rob. I will also check all 3 with a durometer tonight and provide what I find.

nonwing77 8/17/16 8:47 PM


nonwing77 8/17/16 8:52 PM

After durometering all 3 compounds
Medium was 48 avg.
Mc2 48
And mc3 53
*note mc3 was 1 race old, other 2 were new and all unmounted with longacre.
Just for information

I appreciate kokomo giving the American racer guys a chance to use their tires

Leohr46 8/17/16 8:59 PM

I have always been told a MC2 was about the same as a medium.
A lot more teams will have a 2 versus a 3.

nonwing77 8/17/16 9:22 PM


Originally Posted by Leohr46 (Post 455476)
I have always been told a MC2 was about the same as a medium.
A lot more teams will have a 2 versus a 3.

After mounting both mc2 and medium. 10 psi in both
Mc2 was 52
Medium was 52
So I would say you are correct.

Jerry Shaw 8/18/16 12:55 PM

Re: #GYATK Challenge

Originally Posted by farriswheel (Post 455436)
So, as a race fan that cannot get off of work for Wednesday's event, but would hate to miss the spectacle that I'm certain it will be, I would love if there was some way to get a live stream of the race. I know those kinds of things take time, money, and resources, but it's an idea!

It will be streamed for free on


Charles Nungester 8/18/16 1:36 PM

Re: #GYATK Challenge will stream the BC Celebration at 1pm Weds FREE it will also stream Wed's night show for FREE starting at race time.

I feel this is a very good move as Im concerned about actual capacity. Yet I will probably make weds show.

The Cushion will also cover the three USAC nights of the Smackdown for PPV. Visit their site for details and thank them.

This is one of the few times I would really like to know a attendance both at the track and streaming viewing, while realizing there will be many more that can't either make it or watch due to work-school for the service. Nonetheless. Thanks THE CUSHION and Kokomo!

Jerry Shaw 8/21/16 11:25 AM

Re: #GYATK Challenge
One of the things that helped make Bryan Clauson a sure bet for the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, National Midget Hall of Fame and USAC Hall of Fame by the time he reached his middle 20's, is that he was such a excellent qualifier. He was as great as anyone I can ever remember, at this and almost always secured himself a good starting position for the race that pays. Wednesday they will be doing group qualifying for this event. I have $200 for the driver that turns the fastest overall lap in group qualifying. As Brent Bowman suggested in an email, I will take this and give it to the gift shop when I get there on Wednesday. I challenge any IOW members who want to add to this, to stop into the gift shop and do so.


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