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Re: Montpelier To Offer Midget Series Again in 201
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Some Updates:

We had our 2nd track meeting of the season last week, and I think we are on track to do some good things with the division for its second year.

It looks like the Midget division will again this season be a part of our 2013 Season Opener Weekend. We are looking at a late March or first week of April starting date (similiar to last season). Again, looking at 10ish dates (biweekly except for the race heavy months of June/July where we will try to squeeze a race in each month if it makes sense). We look to have our schedule, rules, and payout finished up in late December/early January.

From the surveys, we did not have any input indicating the need for rule changes. We are looking at making sure the tires are stamped after hot laps so you have the choice of hotlapping a junk tire then following that up with your tire/stagger choice for the night. If there is something that we have overlooked, please PM me.

The trophy dash for slower cars may be eliminated. It seemed most cars did not want to run to the dash and take the chance of breaking something before the feature.

We held our banquet a couple of Saturday ago and had 3 of our top 5 drivers in attendance. They were given trophies and a cash payout as part of the points fund for the series.

Also, we are looking for a series sponsor for the season. PM me or email if you are interested in becoming the series sponsor. With the series sponsor, the midget class will be known "Your Business Name Montpelier Motor Speedway Midgets" on all advertisements (we heavily advertise in newspaper and radio), internet, etc... The sponsorship also comes with 2 general admission season passes, and it's actually a pretty affordable sponsorship option. Please PM me or email me if you are interested in learning more.
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