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4/4/12, 4:04 PM   #1
usac drivers list
todd myers
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hi to all members
I am new here was wandering if any of you could help me out

I am looking for a list of usac drivers that would show me who ran usac from 1983 thru 2000 the fremont speedway HOF/MUSEUM received the photos from mid -american racing news before they were thrown in the dumpster randy mapas who is head of the hof/museum my brother andy and me will be going thru the files and picking out pictures of usac drivers and other non wing sprint cars and making a dvd called non-wing to sell with all proceeds going to the hof/museum
a big thank you to any member[s] who can help out

todd myers
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Indiana Open Wheel Forum > usac drivers list

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