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Racing Hauler and Trailer For Sale
Tractor Time
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This racing tractor and trailer is for sale . It's a well know sprint car transport unit with room for up to two cars inside. The tractor is a 1977 white, freightliner cab-over. It has four doors in the cab of the tractor with one main door on the side, for access to the back living area. The tractor/cab is able to sleep three and the trailer also sleeps three. The tractor/cab has a DVD and VCR player, a TV, a microwave, a stainless steel sink, and a mini fridge. There are also two couches or seating areas. The trailer also has a living space along with the workshop for the cars. It contains a full size shower, toilet, and sink, along with another TV, microwave, fridge, audio receiver, CD player, and four speakers. Former owner employed three men, full time for over 1 year while converting bare truck and trailer to a functioning racing hauler. They invested well over $200,000, turning it into a reliable and unique racing unit. We are looking at all reasonable offers!


Length of Tractor 26

Length of Trailer 44

Total Length of Tractor and Trailer 70

Width 86

Trailer Door Height 91

Trailer Door Width 82

Dimensions of Inside the Trailer:

Height from floor to mezzanine 64

Height from mezzanine to roof 4

Length of mezzanine 22

Width between wheel wells 64

Vaulted height at rear of trailer 105

Length of rear vaulted trailer 13

Space inside trailer accommodation 84

Length of accommodation trailer 96


Transmission 15 speed with deep reduction, Motor DD Detroit 8V92TTA, 400 horsepower, Generator Type 7 Kilowatt Onan with 497 hours on it, Floors Black rubber mats in the trailer and linoleum in the accommodation area of trailer. Tractor/Cab has carpet. Wheel/Tire Capacity 11R22.5 MICHELIN, there are 2 bins on the outside of trailer. Dimensions are 36x 29x 22 and 38x 30x 22. It has an adjustable air ride trailer with air brakes, there are 8 hooks on the floor, rear axle ratio 4.1:1, comes with a 4.5 horsepower shop vaccume, 105 L hot water tank and an air compressor, not sure of model.

If you're interested contact Tractor Time Equipment at 1-250-588-2195 or stop by our location at 2996 Church Way, Mill Bay, BC, V0R-2P2
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Sprint Car Classifieds > Racing Hauler and Trailer For Sale

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