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12/22/09, 11:00 AM   #1
AAA book
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Does anyone know of a book that really covers racing from the Beginning of racing in this country till 1955 when AAA left the sport?
12/22/09, 6:15 PM   #2
Re: AAA book
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The only thing I know that comes close is the "AAA Official Record Book 1909-1950" pulbished by Floyd Clymer.

Look for copies on abebooks or EBay

Gordon Eliot White has AAA Contest Board Files on microfilm; his website is
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12/23/09, 10:30 AM   #3
Re: AAA book
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1946 AAA National Championship

1947 AAA National Championship

1948 AAA National Championship

Other AAA threads.
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Re: AAA book
john glenn printz
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To those that may be interested in AAA Championship history:

Try the following threads on the Forums.Autosport database, "nostalgia forum": 1. THE YEARS 1894 TO 1897; 2. AMERICAN RACING 1894 TO 1920; 3. THE FIRST 500; 4. AMERICAN RACING: THE GOLDEN AGE; 5. FRANK LOCKHART; 6. INDIANAPOLIS JUNK FORMULA; 7. LOUIS MEYER; 8. 1934 AAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP; 9. 1946 AAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP; 10. 1947 AAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP; 11. 1948 AAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP; and 12. YOUR EARLIST INDY 500 MEMORIES (post of 1/16/2009 here which covers in brief 1946 to 1955). All these taken in consecutive order will certainly, I think, furnish anyone with a good, accurate, and general overall view of AAA racing 1902 to 1955.

Give it a try. Sincerely, J.G. Printz
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6/12/12, 5:52 PM   #5
Re: AAA book
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Just in case someone is interested in obtaining a copy of the 1951 publication "AAA Official Record Book" by Floyd Clymer, I just listed one on eBay at this link:


Grand Rapids, MI
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