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6/27/09, 8:38 AM   #1
Congrats to Kenny Niflis
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I decided to drive to Bloomington last night and what a feature. Kenny Niflis transfered from the B main and started around 17th and brought home the win. Congratulation to you Kenny and your entire crew. You sure had it figured out.
6/27/09, 12:53 PM   #2
Re: Congrats to Kenny Niflis
gilbertracing is offline

Join Date: Apr 2008
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Kenny, congrats to you .....
Trent, we know you must very proud of him.
Wally said that was the best race he ever seen and if anyone has it on tape - he would love to get a copy.

Wally, Eileen and John Wallis Gilbert
6/27/09, 1:45 PM   #3
Re: Congrats to Kenny Niflis
KKinser99 is offline

Join Date: Jul 2007
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Congrats Kenny and Trent, Nice to see kenny put it on some of the biggest race teams in the buisness.
kerry kinser
6/27/09, 3:03 PM   #4
Re: Congrats to Kenny Niflis
fasterthanu is offline

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Thanks so much to everyone for all the congratulations. You really, really have no idea what it means to ALL of us. Thanks for all the nice things you all posted on the update thread as well. As has been noted, we are a very low budget operation, and to beat the big guys was beyond awesome to say the least, but we couldn't have done it without a LOT of help from some great people and race teams. We would not be racing at all without their generosity.

Trent Niflis
6/27/09, 4:32 PM   #5
Re: Congrats to Kenny Niflis
Bruce Harrison
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Just saw Dean Mill's video highlights of the race - A great race and an incredible driving job by Kenny!
Bruce Harrison
Chugiak, AK
(just outside Anchorage)

"Slip 'n slide, dip 'n dive! Look out boys, we're gonna have a RACE!" --Larry Rice
6/27/09, 5:32 PM   #6
Re: Congrats to Kenny Niflis
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I've been going to the races for a lot of years.
I have been fortunate to see some really good, even great races.
This one ranks way up there among the best ever, at least top 5, maybe even top 3 all time for me!
I have been saying for a while now, this kid is good, thanks Kenny for proving me right!
Again, BIG congratulations to Kenny, Trent and the whole crew!
6/27/09, 6:02 PM   #7
Re: Congrats to Kenny Niflis
midget96 is offline

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I could type a book about what last night meant to a FEW people, and only those few would understand. But I won't. I would just like to say that last night was AWESOME Trent and Kenny I almost didn't make it last night and I would have kicked my own for the rest of my life. Not only was Sheldon a very good friend of dads but you know what lil Kenny represents to us. Thanks for letting us witness last night and Trent you are right, how cool would it have been to have just a couple more people with us.

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