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esmith (Offline)
  #1 10/15/07 6:00 PM
There are 4 open seats at AJ Felker Racing for this years Chili Bowl. AJ Felker Racing has had cars compete in the Saturday night A main in the last three years with Casey Shuman and Tyler Brown. These cars are not just throw together to rent out, they have all won races and been competive at the Bowl each and ever year. All you have to do is show up and drive.. Below is a list of cars the team will be taking.

1. Stealth/Pontiac/Advanced/Sanders/Hoosier (Sat. A main starter with Casey Shuman 2005)

2. Stealth/Chevy/Advanced/Sanders/Hoosier

3. Stealth/Esslinger/Advanced/Sanders/Hoosier

4.Stealth/Esslinger/Advanced/Sanders/Hoosier (Sat. A main starter with Tyler Brown 2007)

Call AJ at 812-989-7050 or Casey at 714-317-2353 for prices and availability.
Mr. Happy
  #2 10/15/07 7:48 PM
Do these deals require a crash deposit?? :redflag: :Steer
esmith (Offline)
  #3 10/15/07 8:50 PM
They do require a crash deposit and can be arranged in a couple different ways, and will be returned at the end of the final night..
esmith (Offline)
  #4 10/16/07 2:25 PM
Mr. Happy, we have been waiting for your call, dust off the old bell and come play!
Mr. Happy
  #5 10/16/07 6:30 PM
Hmmm, very tempting indeed...:Steer

Don't call it a comeback!
  #6 10/17/07 11:39 AM
Are these the Black #37 cars?
AFR37X (Offline)
  #7 10/17/07 12:12 PM
Yes They are...
  #8 10/17/07 5:51 PM
Are any of the Esslingers reverse-rotation??
Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #9 10/17/07 6:29 PM
Originally Posted by Mr. Happy:
Hmmm, very tempting indeed...:Steer

Don't call it a comeback!
Ok Genius, Wheres the pic?

Charles Nungester
petey (Offline)
  #10 10/17/07 7:58 PM
If I could only wins teh lotterie
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