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2/1/09, 11:58 PM   #1
Jungle Park speedway?
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i bought 3 photos of Jungle Park speedway in Rockville Indiana its awesome seeing the covered grandstand i have seen the jungle park gate is intact as well as one section of the covered grandstand.i went to dollar tree and bought 4 frames for the 4 pics and now there on my wall! LOL anyone have any jungle park stories? a guy told me the property is for sale i would like to go to the reunion thing there if they have it? i wish there was a website dedicated to this track
2/2/09, 4:53 PM   #2
Re: Jungle Park speedway?
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I had a guy bring me in some photos from the old Brazil Speedway and Jungle Park that I've posted on my website if you'd like to see some more. They are in the Vintage Racing Photos folder at:

Very cool stuff
2/2/09, 7:28 PM   #3
Re: Jungle Park speedway?
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Did Jungle Park have 2 tracks maybe 1 in the infield? I seem to remember someone telling me that was the case. I went by there around Thanksgiving and the bleachers and entrance arc thing were still in tact. It was pretty cool to see.

Brad Wilson
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