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3/30/18, 12:18 AM   #1
Turn key Iracing VR Rig-$2,200
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I am going to be calling to order a new rig from Wheeler Metals, with a new seat and direct drive wheel and pedals. I am considering selling my current rig, turn key to help offset the cost of the new rig. Would be ready to plug in and go, and consists of...
Computer (runs settings on high in VR)
-Ryzen 5 CPU
-GTX 1070 (new in Jan.)
-250GB SSD
-MSI Bazooka Board
-Windows 10 w/key
-Phantec case w/glass and LED's
-Gaming keyboard, and wireless mouse

-Obutto Ozone rig with triple mount (still in box)
And shifter mount.

-Fanatec CSL wheel, base and pedals with boxes (new in December)

-Buttkicker Gamer 2 (I have to go with seat mounted lfe's on the new rig)

-32 Curved LCD Samsung monitor (I am going to a 24-25" on new rig, to fit in a new space at home)

-Oculus Rift with original box (this is the oldest part of the package, at 10mos old. Looks new)

Pickup only, and can be demo'ed. Not real interested in parting out at this time and don't need the money, so no low balling. Was $3,800 7 months ago. Message for details 920-254-9111 text for pics
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SK Motorsports
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Is it still available and if so send pics
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Other Classifieds > Turn key Iracing VR Rig-$2,200

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