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nathans1012 (Offline)
  #1 9/14/21 7:33 PM
Out of curiosity could this work in Indiana?

Could a Crate Non-Wing deal like the Wisconsin wingLESS work in Indiana?

I was thinking maybe at non Indiana sprint car tracks. Don't know if two non-wing divisions at the same track would work.

They get a great field of cars each week. Wilmot gave the division time to build up a field and and keep them around. Been to Wilmot a few times and think they put on a good show.

I see their gonna be at Gas City October 22nd & 23rd

Wisconsin wingLESS website -
Wisconsin wingLESS rules -

Just wondered from a fan of the division.

2021 season - Currently 26 Races - 15 tracks total.
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chastaj (Offline)
  #2 9/14/21 8:14 PM
Why? Those GM604s are $7-8k without fuel system. By the time you complete it you could buy a good used complete 12degree engine that could run more competitive at numerous tracks on numerous nights.
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oldfan49 (Offline)
  #3 9/14/21 9:30 PM
you should check out how that worked out for the modified in the Missouri / Kansas area. multiple classes of them with 7 or 8 cars in each. And now they have started to work the same magic on the street/hobby/pure stocks
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snowdrift (Offline)
  #4 9/14/21 10:15 PM
Why we donít need another class of sprint cars to water down the races
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PAW (Offline)
  #5 9/14/21 10:38 PM

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bsmith8 (Offline)
  #6 9/15/21 10:37 AM
I thought Plymouth Speedway (Indiana) tried to run 604 crate Sprintcars and got only a handful of cars.
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nathans1012 (Offline)
  #7 9/15/21 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by bsmith8:
I thought Plymouth Speedway (Indiana) tried to run 604 crate Sprintcars and got only a handful of cars.
They where wing and it was a joke.
In my opinion it should have been a non-wing division and with the same rules as the Wisconsin wingLESS and they might have drawn a good field of cars.
There where folks here in Indiana ready to build a car if they would have went non-wing.
The most they ever had for a race was I believe 14.
I think what hurt that place is the management didn't listen to anyone with dirt racing experience & knowledge except maybe one or two people very high in the racing food chain.

My original post was for racing this division at weekly non sprint car tracks like Montpelier, Brownstown, Shadyhill, Twin Cities, & Thunder Valley.

To the guy who said GMG604 for $7-$8K. You can get them under $6k. Original asking price from GM $5,500

Just my thoughts and figured I'd ask.

2021 season - Currently 26 Races - 15 tracks total.
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Chase Hightower (Offline)
  #8 9/15/21 10:59 AM
I agree, however those reasonable -12 engines are getting harder and harder to come by. They will be like a VW that sold cheap for years, now you cant find one.
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Charles Nungester (Online)
  #9 9/15/21 1:00 PM
I think there are way to many classes period. The only thing crates have done is reduce or eliminate the 410-unlimited classes I look at LM's and see several tracks that had 30-40 plus car counts weekly in super late now can['t get full fields for 12k to win shows. but the crates have double conisis.

Quite honestly, I wish the racesaver would be wingless and 360 ASCS wingless be top. still cost you a pretty penny to get a good motor but it would last a season or more.

Just two many, classes even the mini sprints are dwindling and lets face it, when car counts drop, so do the fan base. doesn't matter how many classes in the pits.

Im kind of the opinion that the 410 is dying quickly. Perhaps a few tracks could survive on teams running selloff stuff. But without the purses to support it. specials only.

Charles Nungester
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hoscalecody (Offline)
  #10 9/16/21 10:23 AM
I don't think bringing another budget friendly sprint car/midget class would work. Especially since the crate engines are not the cheapest things, last time I checked the engines were 7-8k.

Instead of bringing more classes, people should join already existing classes. For instance the MMSA with the Mini sprints or the USAC MTM D2/Speed2 series. Both classes/series has had several newer people come to the series, both getting good car counts and still being affordable. Neither may be sprint cars, but still an affordable way to race open wheel cars.

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