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8/22/21, 7:30 PM   #1
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Elite Midget for sale
Former Alex Bright car
Not exactly sure what year the car is, still a good car just trying to downsize and keep all cars and parts the same. All
Spares that come with it are the parts that came with it. If I come across any more spares Ill add to the list and pictures later.
New body made this season, has been raced.
Wilwood Master cylinder
Brake lines
Brake pedal
Throttle pedal
Fontana Engine Plate
Torque Ball And Housing
KSE Steering box
Winters rear end 4:33 (57 3/4 Axle)
2- 33 gallon Saldana Fuel cell
Front axle with Elite spindles and steering arms (3 spoke hubs are sold)
6 spare front axles
1 full set of radius rods on car plus spares
Jacobs ladder
1 set of Sanders cages
3 torsion arms
Spare Elite Spindle
Spare hub with bearings
Spare rear brake caliper
2 sets of Nerfs Read Less

Asking $7,000 OBO
For pictures or inquiries call or text 319-784-8043
9/26/21, 11:58 PM   #2
big d
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Any trades???? Don. 334 648 9843
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Elite Midget

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