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8/26/08, 12:01 PM   #31
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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Honestly, I would have mentioned that it was you (767), but I've honestly read so many responses on numerous threads, I didn't want to say it was you, if I wasn't 100% sure.

Rushville is a weird place, for sure. I don't doubt that people go there who don't like the Goff's, cheer when the Goff's do wreck, or go there to see wrecks in general (It's a shame, but some are like that!). However, the fact that they go there just to see THEM wreck? That seems a little extreme, but that's just me.

This thread isn't about Union County, however I did mention a race that UMRA held there in '04, in particular. This really has nothing to do with my thoughts on that track, J.R. (767).

I guess we'll all see what happens. Hopefully, we'll all see that it turns out to be a good thing for racing in our area. Time will tell...
Shawn Frazier Designs
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8/26/08, 12:43 PM   #32
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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it is going to be interesting to see how many places STP can get into. Its not as easy as you think. Thats why tracks like Union County and Montpelier could be easy places to get into. Lets face it, not everyone is going to open there doors and say come on in. Race tracks are easier to get into. Fairboards are a mess. There are no 2 alike, and they can't agree on anything.
8/26/08, 12:44 PM   #33
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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First, I hate seeing an athlete get injured doing his best at his sport. Second, I grit my teeth and want to puke when it is caused by another participant.

Third, I did not see the happings that prompted these two threads. "Tate" and "New Series". But from what I have read here today is you have two teams that are the "cream" of your series fighting over being on top of a point standings and have been doing it for a long time. I assume there is lots of money and ego at stake here. But the fighting seems to be getting "dirty". The solution from one side is to split off and form a more friendly "clean" league. Others want to salvage the existing organization. I am not aware of any response to all of this by the Tate or Goff familys. Maybe they want to be as far away from this as possible.

Fourth, I had my "fun" reading about the Hatfield and MCcoy like saga here. If only John Wayne wasn't here to help you folks.

Keep on spitting words and let your officals make a ruling -live by it. Remember, injuring a fellow sportsman intentionally makes me not want to attend your races.
8/26/08, 12:44 PM   #34
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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In reply to STP's qualifications, you have accomplished alot. I believe that anyone that has ever been fully involved in racing from the ground up will agree that it is a completely different animal. There is an oldtimers term "grandstand racer" this refers to people that have never actually lived the racing life but think they could do it better. As someone said this happened with CART and IRL and almost destroyed open wheel racing on that level. If you sincerely have the good of racing in your heart you should think of working with a long established and respected club that is a democracy to make it make even more progress rather than tearing it down for what appears to be some grudges held.
8/26/08, 12:58 PM   #35
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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Are all of you guys kidding me. Why in the world would you split a club. If you think it is run by the green cars, your wrong. But if you all think it is, heres how you fix it. Back in 1993 the club decided to expell a green car and it was tied up in a legal battle for a year costing the club alot of money. Who suffered, the members. But if you want to get rid of the green cars, I would suggest you all pool your money for an attorney and get prepared to go to court, because that is what will happen. Now since I am new to this message board, I will address more comments. tq41&84, you are just as agressive and careless as the green cars, but I guess that is alright if you do it. PLEASE. Remember when you showed up at Rushville with that ungodly front bumper? What were hoping to do tear everybody else up and you come away unscaved? Now to, Jennifer and Mark, you have been a great asset to the UMRA, but that does not give you privelage to run the club or give you any power of what punishments you want to issue. You may suggest a punishment, And I guarantee the board will listen. I do. What Mark done at Anderson was uncalled for and unwarranted. I believe he is truly sorry for acting that way, but it should have never happen, especially in front of the whole crowd. Not very professional. I hate some of unwarranted complaining that goes on at EVERY track, I want to do my job, and go home. Thats why I do not get involved in the arguments. That is for the Chief Steward and board to decide. I wish you well in your journey.
8/26/08, 1:51 PM   #36
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
Sandy Lowe
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UMRA is a democracy in name alone. It ceased to be a true democracy on June 19, 1993.

I won't bore anyone with all of the details of what transpired in the week following that night at Rushville. But I will say that what UMRA did to the Goff Racing Team was wrong. It was wrong on so many levels it is still very hard for me to comprehend how it happened.

THAT was the beginning of the end.

If you read the UMRA By-Laws:
To encourage, promote and cultivate the close and lasting friendship among its members.

To promote, encourage, foster and cultivate the preservation, ownership and operation of vehicles meeting the requirements of the UMRA... to provide, negotiate and carry on programs of sports, hobbies and other activities among its members and their families for the purpose of furnishing wholesome recreation or other activites for such persons.
The people in charge of UMRA at that time (officers and board members) were entrusted to preserve UMRA. They got power hungry and thought they could get rid of the competition. Why? Because it was in UMRA's best interests? Because it was in their best interests?

I'll go with the latter.

I am ashamed to say that I was the head scorer and secretary of UMRA when this happened.

In my opinion the other officers and board members knew what they were doing was wrong. But they were greedy and couldn't let the opportunity pass them by. Why else would they have a secret board meeting and suspend an entire team.

How can a club that has a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and an eight member board of directors do this without having the secretary involved? Or their head scorer? Especially when one of the points of suspension had to do with a scoring matter.

I remember countless hours spent in board meetings that fall just trying to get UMRA to issue an apology to Johnny Goff (car owner) because he was not involved in any of the items that the team was suspended for. And when I say hours I'm talking about 10-12 hour meetings.

To the entire Goff Racing Team:
I did everything I could to help you out but it was not enough.

I know it is hard when people rip something away from you that has been a part of you for so long. My dad was involved with UMRA from almost the beginning. It's not just a job, or a place to race, it's like family.

But what you are doing now is wrong. This has nothing to do with what may or may not have happened at Anderson as I wasn't there. You are not the same people now that you were then. I wish you didn't feel that you had to take, by any means necessary, what you feel is yours. Guys that was 15 years ago. Let it go!

* * * * * * * * * *

UMRA began with humble beginnings on May 27, 1961 in Salem, Indiana. 13 cars showed up for that race. By their second race, in Martinsville, the car count had doubled to 26. 15 races later the season concluded with Mel Harpring crowned champion. Harpring won 5 of the 17 features garnering 1,861 points. Roy Young (1,336 points) and Rick Meyer (1,304) rounded out the top 3. UMRA's highest car count was at Salem on July 28th when they had 33 competitors.

* * * * * * * * * *

I wish Jennifer Frechette much success with the new club. If there is anything I can do to help just let me know.

Sandy Lowe
8/26/08, 1:52 PM   #37
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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I have seen a lot of TQ races over the years as a spectator and always wandered why nothing was done with the green cars and all the problems they cause. Good to finally see someone take that stand. If it takes a new series, so be it.
8/26/08, 2:06 PM   #38
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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It seems very funny to me, that the Goffs are still staunch supporters of UMRA and their officials and board of directors. As far as some of the other comments about long time UMRA people I have been a fan for a very long time and know the other sides to the stories.
8/26/08, 2:26 PM   #39
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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Sandy, UMRA was in bad shape in 1982 when your Dad took control. He was allowed to do it his way, picking his own board members and put the club in a position to prosper through the late 90's. I don't know of a person with the skills or the need (he made his living buliding T.Q.'s) that could pull that off today.
Our oppinions differ on what happened in '93. I was on that board. I did not vote to suspend the Goffs based on eliminating compitition. They had two public, front straightaway displays in two races and had been suspended for short periods in prior seasons with no effect on their beheivor. A longer suspension was the next step. Sadly it only made the situatuation worse.
On the subject of eliminating competition. Do you recall that in 1986 we lost our 2stroke powered "roadster" in a one of these emotionaly driven decisions.

Joe Monroe
8/26/08, 3:32 PM   #40
Re: New Midwest TQ Racing Series Forming
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So you are forming an anti- Goff Racing TQ club. Have you thought of any names for it? Oh, here is a good one... Lets run away from the competition TQ Club. Do you have a motor rule specifically planned out? How about a spec tire, car specs, car weights... I don't exactly believe you are going to have any help from UMRA. I mean unless you have a one page rule book that has 8 words... "All UMRA rules apply, except no Goff Racing." You have no idea how difficult your idea of a new club is going to be. I hope your backyard is big enough for your car count because getting tracks to accept a new, backed by no one, racing club is going to be next to impossible. will always be known as the sponsor that had to start there own club because the one they sponsored and supported so well.. HA!, UMRA, wasn't up to the standards of their liking. Good luck with your club by all means. It is just pretty sad to know that you are trying to break some 60 years of history over one race team. This sounds like a group of kids who wont let certain others come play. Again, that's all I have.
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