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7/15/11, 9:04 AM   #211
Re: brownstown ISW sprintweek race #5
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Originally Posted by REALDEAL View Post
I have never heard ONE driver say that they love it when the track is so slick and dusty that you cannot use 1/4 throttle and the racing is like a freight train around the bottom. I have also never heard ONE fan say they LIKE that type of track and racing. Who does that leave?
Obviously Diggsy, if you think that drinking mud and returning home filthier than Pigpen is good racing, maybe you should spend a couple hundred bucks and go to one of these craptracks and enjoy yourself.
I have plenty of experience with Brownstown. I don't know, maybe it's the late model fan in me, but when I'm at Brownstown I'm prepared to wear home several layers of dirt. For whatever reason, they have a recent history of letting the track get too dry on them. I'm not sure if it's the dirt itself, a basic lack of water, they don't cut it up deep enough, or if they overwork it, but whatever the reason, more often than not, the track does dry out. Yet when that happens, Keithley does what he can to turn the track around. And if the descriptions of the racing by others are accurate, it sounds like he did a good job of that again last night.

I've been going to dirt tracks for 40 years now and in that time I've learned that not every track is going to be perfect, not every race is going to be a thriller, I'm going to come home dirty now and then, and my guy isn't going to win every night. I've also learned that I can either let those things bother me or be happy that there are people who can still afford to own race teams and promoters who are still willing to put up with all the negativity. I'm grateful to be at each race I'm able to go to, so I find a way to enjoy myself regardless of how bad the track may be or how dirty I may get. If others can't or won't do the same, that's on them.
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7/15/11, 10:10 AM   #212
Re: brownstown ISW sprintweek race #5
Eatin Dirt
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As for last night, yep it got dusty and they put water on it a few times to try to help the track out. Thanks for the effort. However I will have to say in 45 years I have been attending races I have never seen a Water truck join in on a heat race. WOW!!!

In the feature there was some great racing going on there towards the end when Brady was doing everything he could to get around Casey. The one slidejob he attempted in 1+2 I thought was going to be a big crash, Casey never even thought about letting off of it to let Brady come up and take the lead.

Congrats to Casey Riggs on his first USAC win and driving one heck of a race. Driving like that it won't be long before #2 comes along either.

I think back a few years ago when the Rigg's were running 2 cars with Casey in one and Josh Wise in the other, it seems that this was a great boost for Casey to be able to work with a very good driver like Wise and is now progressing very fast. But this is just my thoughts, and that don't mean alot. See ya at Bloomington.
Closed Thread Indiana Open Wheel > Indiana Open Wheel Forum > brownstown ISW sprintweek race #5

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