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7/5/11, 12:24 PM   #241
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Evans took over Kokomo in 95 and USAC became involved in 95 or 96
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7/5/11, 1:10 PM   #242
Re: Action track status
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Originally Posted by ekohl23 View Post
Ok first off you just showed you don't get away from LPS much if you say the best two races this year have been there. There have been great races at many tracks. You can't say LPS is the best if it's the only track you have been to. And they get great car counts only because there are many more smaller, low budget teams in that area.
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Actually I have only been to lps once this year, but I did see video of the midget race. I'm sure there have been other great races, but you can't get much better than what I witnessed there saturday night. And their car counts speak for themselves. And that midget race was nuts.
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I agree with you thebus79. If I was a car owner and knew the track wasn't gonna be prepped properly I would skip too. BUT Terre Haute gives Sprint Week a change from the normal Indiana Bullrings. I know I will be attending the SW race at THAT just like I have been the past couple years
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Closed Thread Indiana Open Wheel > Indiana Open Wheel Forum > Action track status

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