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9/14/16, 9:18 PM   #1
Midget Engine
Vintage Racer
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I know very little about Midget engines, so this may sound dumb, but here we go. What is a late 60's or mid 70's Cisco engine worth, and is anyone out there interested in one? I haven't looked at it closely, so I don't know how complete it is. I will be seeing it early next week. I know this sounds like a "Come On" but none the less it's true. A very close friend if mine passed away recently, and left his widow a PILE of vintage racing stuff of which this engine is a part. He ran dirt tracks here in the North East in that timeframe and collected a huge amount of racing equipment since then which includes a couple of complete cars as well as parts for dirt track, asphalt racing, and drag racing. Problem is, this is ALL he left her, and my wife and I are trying to help her out of this mess. Any info on the engine would be very helpful. I'll post pictures when I get them.
9/15/16, 7:12 AM   #2
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SESCO I believe is what you have...please send pictures and any info you can find ...thanks
9/17/16, 9:41 PM   #3
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I'm interested in you old midget motor you have for sale. You can send me some pics at
9/17/16, 9:43 PM   #4
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If I could I would even like to come and look at the motor.
9/18/16, 11:16 AM   #5
Re: Midget Engine
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This is an unfortunately common situation. You have some incredibly knowledgeable midget racing folks in the NE who will help you get fair value for this racer's widow. Go to the NEMA website or the EMMR website for contact info and get some guidance before you list anything for sale. Too much great history gets lost in rushed garage cleanouts. The stuff is worth much more with a great and accurate history attached.
He is aways from you but Brian Watson in Philly has been a great resource to racers looking to do quality restorations. I'm sure he would assist if asked. Lynn Paxton is at EMMR. Stan Lovitz is in PA.
9/21/16, 9:21 AM   #6
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There are several Sesco engines including inline 4 cyl , flat 4 cyl & a V8
What is it that you have there?
10/25/16, 10:37 AM   #7
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Intrested in motor 973 944 8999 mike
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