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Vintage TQ Midget #67
Dane Hooper
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I am offering a vintage TQ midget from Nile, OH that was custom built in the late 50ís with racing history in the Cleveland, OH region. The 3/4 midget has a Crosley 4 cylinder and unusual traverse rear engine design. It was well engineered and fabricated, and is the first rear engine TQ that I have seen. The condition is very good and appears to have been parked as raced, 40-50 years ago.

It was one of two matching cars belonging to the original owner. Gina was the owner's daughter, and Reese was his towing business. I am the 4th owner, and owner 2 acquired it from the original owner's estate sale.

The Crosley engine was upgraded with a Fageol 44 intake, dual carburetors and custom header. It spins freely but has not been fired since I have owned it. The plugs wires, hoses, clamps etc are vintage to the period and should be upgraded. I have intentionally left everything in as-found condition.

The body, paint and original lettering are in very good condition. It was fabricated from hand laid fiberglass and appears to have been finished in maroon lacquer, white striping and both hand painted and some vinyl accents. The instruments and upholstery are original. It was raced without any roll over protection.

Overall, the car appears to be complete and in very good survivor condition. This is an unusual opportunity to acquire an investment quality TQ midget for $5,000 OBO. Please email me at or call (814) 880 8137 cell if you have questions or would like to see more detailed pictures. Centre Hall, PA
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Vintage TQ Midget #67

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