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Rear steer
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Can someone explain how rear steer works and when it should be used? My car has z link rear suspension left frame has three mounting holes right side has two mounting holes to change radius rod mounting height.
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Re: Rear steer
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Hey Mark

Our cars had only three anchor points for the rear radius rods>>>2 on the left and one on the right. I don't think they have much to do with rear steer, that is mostly controlled by the length of the front rods in relationship to the torsion arm length. You can duplicate the action of the rear as it either under compression or extension by taking a piece of plywood use the bottom edge as ground and measure from there up to the pick up points. As you move the axle up or down you can trace the arch it makes Under compression the axle moves forward and upon extension it moves back thus steering the car. Changing the pick up points will not change this movement very much. However moving that front pick up point will effect your drive off of the turn. Going to the top hole will cause the rear axle to drive under the car and increasing the bite under acceleration, We used that on very slick tracks. We usually only ran in the lower pick-up. Moving the right side will also effect drive off. Just think about the tire as either driving under the car when using the upper mount or driving over the top when it is moved to the lower location. When all is said and done this is just another way of adjusting the car in your bag of tricks.
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