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8/22/17, 6:10 PM   #11
Re: How young is too young
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I know that all driver who race in NJ in a "pro division" MUST have a valid driver's license regardless of age. Several drivers who have their license suspended for various infractions were barred until their suspensions were lifted. If memory serves me correctly a young man who wanted to drive URC sprints had to get special clearance because he was only 16 or 17 and NJ had a requirement drive full size sprints was 18. To me that makes the most sense on this issue. I am not sure how accurate this is but I was told of 14 year old who was running wingless 600s as a support division with the recent USAC Eastern midget series was not allowed to run with USAC even though he has run with PowerI series this year. I know that there are many young drivers who are mature enough and with talent enough do drive full size race cars but what is the hurry? Forget the potential for injury or worse. What about the financial risk to the parents who risk future financial stability to fund the program? How do you justify not spending the money on siblings education? I am well aware of traffic deaths and football deaths, but sadly because so many people are killed in traffic accidents, the news media only deals with local issues. You are not going to see reports of a traffic accident in PA in a KY newspaper, but I am very sure a death of a youngster in a full size race car will be picked up on the wire and will be national news. 18 is young enough for me, heck there are a lot of 20ish and 30ish drivers who are not mature enough in my opinion but at least they are of age to make their own decision about their future.
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8/22/17, 6:18 PM   #12
Re: How young is too young
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I started racing karts at 5 years old and moved into TQ's at 14 when I was finally old enough. Then onto a full midget last year at 18. And honestly I think 14 is a good age to require for TQ's and other cars of similar size and speed such as a 600. I think there should be some age restrictions in racing, I feel 14 and 15 is too young to be in a full size sprint car. I dont know if I've met a kid that age that I feel would be mature enough to handle a car like that... but obviously there are some. I dont think it is a big deal to make a kid wait two more years or so before letting him or her hop into a full size car. There seems to be a huge rush in racing with kids and parents now to get to the fastest car possible as soon as possible. But I guess that's why we are racers, we want to be the fastest and the first ones there.
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8/22/17, 7:04 PM   #13
Re: How young is too young
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I know Bobby Santos III was racing weekly in a small block (350) super modified at 13, or 14 years of age. It's a tough choice for families to make. I just don't like it when you can tell that the child is being pushed by the father.
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8/22/17, 11:27 PM   #14
david mitchell
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Stp has it correct.minimum should be 16.preferably,18.i think in this case the sport, read organizations,need to protect the parents and kids from themselves.what is minimum age to compete in usac's three open wheel divisions.
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8/23/17, 3:21 AM   #15
Re: How young is too young
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I say 16 for any class over 600cc or 305c.i. 18 for ANY form of midgets or sprints (maybe 19 for the "big" tracks). Let kid's be kid's and how many people really wana buy tix to go watch a bunch of teenagers...
Jason Dull
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8/23/17, 3:54 AM   #16
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So your telling me just a few years back you wouldn't pay to see Kyle Larson race Rico gulick bell BC etc to race?
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8/23/17, 8:08 AM   #17
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As a parent of a 14 year old driver, I personally wouldn't mind the ages being increased. 15 is now USAC's minimum age limit, at least for their national series. My son is in his second year of racing micros after 7 years of quarter midgets and was asked about future plans last weekend. He was told he has to move up soon because if not he'll be too old. Being told you're going to be too old at 14/15 yrs of age, imagine??? David Gravel is one of the hottest drivers in all of motorsports right now and in this month's Sprint Car and Midget magazine, he mentions his window has probably closed to move up the ladder, he's 25. That's sad!

We've raced with the driver who was injured and he's either 12 or 13, and there are plenty of 12-15 year old
Micro drivers out there. He's very talented, more than capable of handling the car and the accident was an accident where another car got into the cockpit. Thankfully he's now awake and all signs point to a full recovery.

The truth is I don't know how young is too young. I deal with this question
in my mind everyday......
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8/23/17, 7:47 PM   #18
Re: How young is too young
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I don't know how many people attend Micro (600s) tracks, but the one near Kansas City is quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks. The cars there are amazingly fast. When the track is sized for the cars, it makes for really good racing. I have sometimes seen 600 on a quarter mile and they never put on a good show, but on their home track they are amazing.

With that said, they run Jr. sprints ages 6-12. Restrictor 600's Minimum age 9. All stock classes minimum age 12. Open class minimum age 14. I don't know which is stranger seeing a 4 foot nothing 12 year old step out of stock class car, or seeing a 6 foot 200 pound adult climb out of a stock class car.
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8/23/17, 9:26 PM   #19
Re: How young is too young
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8/24/17, 6:18 AM   #20
Re: How young is too young

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FB post said 12
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