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5/18/18, 8:14 PM   #11
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On sprint cars the bleeders are almost a necessity now days. I agree though the guys that know how to adjust the shocks to their liking also know how to adapt without he ability to adjust on the fly.
5/18/18, 10:13 PM   #12
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Originally Posted by Cobra 14 View Post
I'm beginning to really think all classes need to reduce tire width dramatically and then say boys have at it. Ultimately if you can't hook it up.. Who cares how much you have. This alone will stop the big $ spending too gain an advantage.
LOL, then the cheaters will have traction control.
5/19/18, 10:15 AM   #13
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As a person who has written, rules,enforced them, flagged races,and competed in all sorts of races, I say the biggest thing about rules is enforcement. None of it matters if it's not enforced or enforceable. Sometimes it's hard to find a person knowledgeable enough to do that job and a lot of guy's who would know how to do it want no part of it. I have to agree with TQ29M the KISS theory is the best but doesn't solve everything because people are always trying to find a loophole. As a racer, I never minded rules, my team would always try to find an advantage within the rules, but we were never looking to break them. I always hoped rules were strictly enforced because we had the confidence that if all things were equal we were going to win. One last thing about cheating, and the one I despise the most is traction control. This has absolutely no place in dirt track racing! However I was told you can go to PRI and have no trouble finding vendors of this product and their biggest clients are modified racers. I wonder how much of it goes on in sprints and midgets?
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5/19/18, 10:31 AM   #14
Re: Cheating
wallbanger II
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per jr. Johnson when you cheat you eat, and I ain't been hungry in a long time
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5/19/18, 12:33 PM   #15
Re: Cheating
Roy Bleckert
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Originally Posted by motorhead748 View Post
my thoughts are there are entirely too many sprint classes
yup !!!
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5/19/18, 12:42 PM   #16
Cobra 14
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Consolidation in all classes is needed. The KISS factor needs instituted. Tires have become so good and way too wide that horsepower decides to many races. It's time to put two simple to tech rules in place. Tire width on the rears needs to be decreased dramatically and a tire minimum pressure to eliminate the "drag tire" sidewall crinkle.

Engine rules need to be eliminated so classes combine based on tire width.

Sounds simple.. Hard to do.. Perhaps weight based on cylinders can also help combine classes.
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