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Racing Radios
Jeff Fuller
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I have the two-man Racing Electronics radio set-up along with an extra set-up for a crew member. For the car we have the radio, switch, wiring harness, ear molds, with case, piece for inside the helmet. Crew chief and crew member includes radios, headsets, race belts and interface cables. There are three chargers, one for each radio, and the hard carrying case. These radios were used for the Little 500, twice, and a few other non wing sprint car races. The only markings on them is that we put 1,2,3 on both the chargers and the radios so that the radios were always matched to the same charger. Asking price is $1750.00 for the complete set-up. Contact number if interested is 574-780-4286 or email at
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Other Classifieds > Racing Radios

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