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Bullet /Fontana
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For Sale 2012 Bullet Chassis with 174 Fontana engine . Last raced in 2017 with ARDC. Carbon fiber body fiberglass hood. DMI Baby Bulldog rear 4 races since rebuild. GME Steering also 4 races since rebuild. Engine is due for a rebuild , Rick Paradis did my rebuilds not sure if he is still with Topp Performance. Kinsler Fuel Injection with Walker Filtration airbox, also have extra set of stacks for tuning. AFCO shocks done by Benic & TSL , also have 3 extra right rear shocks ,2 left rear and 1 left front shock .Many other spare parts . Spare Saldana Radiator , 2 wheel wrenches. 11 tires which include a new SP2 and SP4 right rears.Here is the break down on the price. This complete car is worth $22,000 I am taking into consideration the engine is due for a rebuild so with that in mind I was asking $16,000. Which I since reduced my asking price with all the spares to $14,000.00 and that is firm. Please dont inqiure about spliting the car and engine I got burned on one of those deals already . You can contact me by email at I will try to get back to you with any questions as soon as possible but remember I do work .This equipment is located in PA.
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Bullet /Fontana

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