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2/17/17, 12:17 PM   #21
Re: Donny Schatz
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Originally Posted by Rpracing1 View Post
Don't care for Schatz one way or another but here are his stats to start 2017....sigh.........

Missed the A at the Chili Bowl by one spot. Not bad for his first time racing a midget, against 374 other drivers.
Nate Bickel - @natefb22
2/17/17, 12:34 PM   #22
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I would put Jack Hewitt at #2
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2/17/17, 2:53 PM   #23
Re: Donny Schatz
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Originally Posted by cmiracingvids View Post
All this guy does is win win win no matter what. Is it suffice to say that at this point in his career he's better than Steve Kinser? What you guys think?
I'm not knocking Schatz, but its kinda an apples to oranges deal. Donny is a great wheelman in his own right, but he also has the advantage of some really superior resources, not just money, but tech and engineering too. For example look at where shocks are now compared to when Kinser was in his heyday. Now with computer modeling, wind tunnels, shaker rigs and on and on its unfair to either man to try and say who is better than who, its digital compared to analog. I grew up analog and in some things still prefer things that way, more mystery, more seat of the pants. I say enjoy the show and try not to get to worked up over, "who is better than who".
I'm just glad I was around to see Kinser, Wolfgang, Swindell and many more back when things were, less precise.
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2/17/17, 3:47 PM   #24
Re: Donny Schatz
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Its impossible to say whom was the best ever especially if we stick to sprintcars which don't have wings.
I would bet my bottom dollar that the best ever came and went without ever being lucky enuff to get a break. He might be racing at your local track every Saturday night or more likely sitting in the stands.
Id rather see AJ and Andretti go at it. No wings, single loop roll cage, lap belts and skinny tires.
2/18/17, 3:06 AM   #25
Re: Donny Schatz
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Now these were REAL MEN!!! lol
They didn't need shock technology, aero or fat tires! LOL
Or even water on the track!
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2/25/17, 10:54 AM   #26
Re: Donny Schatz
Stevensville Mike
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Volusia Speedway got back up and running for the WoO Late Models after two nights of rainouts Wednesday & Thursday. Read where Schatz finished 15th in the A Main last night. Qualified 6th in his group. Just like with the late BC..... I love diversity in a driver.
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2/25/17, 5:08 PM   #27
Re: Donny Schatz
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Donny looked real good in the lm. finished 2nd in his loaded heat and ran well in feach until he got caught up in someone else wreck. race got fogged out just past half way. hope he will get his car fixed for the final tonight. it's on D.O.D. LIVE...
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2/26/17, 9:45 AM   #28
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The original question needs to be asked a decade from now if and only if Donny has sustained the kind of performance he has experienced in his career to date. Because it will take a decade of such continued success to catch up to SK. Is Donny #2? A wasted breath.....IMO indeed he is.
Eric B. Pethtel
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