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2020 Sprint Cars and Drivers
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Complete through the USAC races at Ocala. States only given for drivers who do not live in Indiana.As always, any assistance is appreciated.

1(black, blue)/Leary, C. J./Greenfield/Gene Gile Racing
01(blue, black/blue, white)/D’Alessio, Anthony/Apollo Beach FL/D’Alessio/Parallax MS
3R(black, red)/Cummins, Kyle/Princeton/Rock Steady Racing
4(black,orange,blue NOS)/Grant, Justin/Ione CA/TOPP MS
5(orange)/Hernandez, Anton/Arlington TX/Baldwin Bros. Racing
5K(black, green, white)/Schmidt, Kent/Owensville/KO MS
6(white, black)/Clouser, Mario/Auburn IL/Clouser MS
6P(black)/Phillips, Chris/Plainfield/Phillips
8(blue/white)/Henderson, Jake/Mooresville NC
9 (white/black/purple)/Griffitts, Bobby & Dustin/Bloomington/Griffitts MS
9K (black,white,yellow & red Mcdonalds/Thomas, Kevin Jr./Culman AL/KT MS
13(black, yellow)/Gile, Dennis/Phoenix AZ/Gene Gile Racing
16(white)/Burns, Harley/Brazil/Burns Racing
17(white, black)/Robbins, Kyle/Newcastle/KR Racing
19(blue, black NOS)/Windom, Chris/Canton IL/Hayward MS
19AZ (b w/blue #)/Schuerenberg, Hunter//Reinbold-Underwood
19AZ(black w/white & blue swishes, white #)/Seavey, Logan/Sutter CA/Reinbold-Underwood
21B(yellow, blue)/Barr, Ryan/Piqua OH/Ryan Barr Raing
22(black)/Weir, Scotty/Marion/Goodnight Racing
22L(blue, white)/Loeffler, Connor/Myrtle Beach SC/Layne Loeffler
27(red)/Mosley, Evan/Lapel/Mosley
28(black)(black w/orange &white)Mattox, Brandon/Terre Haute/Mattox
28K(black)/Schudy, Kory/Springfield MO/Sawyer
32(red,black)/Stockon, Chase/Fort Branch/TBI
33M(yellow, red)/Westfall, Matt/Pleasant Hill OH/Marshall
33$(black, blue/yellow)/ O’Banion, Shane/Avon/Shane O’Banion Motorsports.
34(white, black)/Cling, Sterling/Tempe AZ/Cling
36D(white)(white,black)/Darland, Dave/Lincoln/Eberhardt-Zirzow
39(black)/Goodnight, Matt/Winchester/Goodnight Racing
61M(red, yelow, blue)/Schnapf, Stephen/Evansville/Edwards
68G(black w/orange or red??)/Gunn, Tyler/Napoleon OH/Gunn
69(orange, white)/Bacon, Brady/Broken Arrow OK/Hoffman
71(white, red, blue)/Bell, Robert/Colfax IA/Bell
71P(black)/Short, Carson/Marion IL/Daigh-Phillips MS
75(black, white)/Clark, Dustin Christie/Washington/Clark
76j(blue, white)/Hughes, JJ/Indy/Hughes Auto Tech
77K(black)/Leer, Katlynn/Moulton IA/Joe Leer
Frank Daigh
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9 (W/B/Purple) Bobby & Dustin Griffitts / Bloomington In / Griffitts Motorsports
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33$ (Black, blue/yellow) O’Banion, Shane. Avon Indiana. Shane O’Banion Motorsports.
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2/13/20, 7:58 PM   #4
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8 (Blue/ white) Henderson, Jake / Mooresville IN
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