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NIMEE79 (Offline)
  #1 9/24/13 3:25 PM
Standard Rail

$5750 *OR* $5200 w/o wings


(2) top wings 1 flat, 1 dished

(2) nose wings

winters 411 (4 races since fresh)

28 gallon fuel safe tailtank,* front axle,* sanders hubs,* dmi driveline,* recent birdcages,* steering pump and gear,* simpson seat harnesses,* (4) wheels&tires,* all radius rods,* drag links, front and rear arms,* (4) torsion bars, radiator,* wilwood brakes,* master cyl,* all brake plumbing, all fuel plumbing, wing ram & hoses, all fiberglass & panels included.

Install motor and seat and go racing !

*this car has been good to us, and will be to you too*

contact* phone/text* 815-383-7399


russ borland* phone/text 262-339-3026

*many additional photos available by request

NIMEE79 (Offline)
  #2 9/26/13 9:52 PM
Non Wing price $5200
NIMEE79 (Offline)
  #3 10/3/13 5:15 PM
ALL COMPONENTS AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY ....WHAT DO YOU NEED? Chassis only? Front axle? Rear end? Shocks? Steering gear/pump? Wings? Wheels?
Drop a line or a text...I'm dealin' !
NIMEE79 (Offline)
  #4 10/13/13 10:25 PM

$ 4800

Can separate if you don't need it all.
New Chassis ordered. Need it sold!
NIMEE79 (Offline)
  #5 10/22/13 2:26 PM
Frame only- 1100
Front axle complete-500
Steering gear/pump:SOLD
2 nose wings- 75
Wheels- 200 each
Many more items . What are you looking for?
NIMEE79 (Offline)
  #6 10/25/13 12:48 AM
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