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Closed Thread  Indiana Open Wheel > Indiana Open Wheel Forum > Usac: Thomas emerges from the wreckage to celebrate 3rd haub
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9/17/18, 9:04 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by Rpracing1 View Post
This was a co/sanctioned USAC/MSCS event, hence the slightly better format. ��

Love group qualifying.

Got to speak with KTJ’s mom. Nice lady. Proud momma.

Felt bad for Schnapf as he is starting to be the Modern Time Gary Hayhurst at TSS. Quick and efficient run program the norm at TSS. Mr. Helfrich is class act all of the way. Full house. Pits were packed after races and most pilots stayed around. Kids everywhere. Tommy on grader 15 minutes after Mod feature finish. Perfect track once again. Prayers welcome for Jim Georges.

I couldn't agree more Bob, nothing but the best at TSS, that's why it's called the Class Track. Best wishes and tons of Prayers for Jim Goerge, We Love You Buddy!

This was our last trip to TSS this year, previous commitments will keep us away from the Harvest Cup. We anxiously await our first race next year @ TSS and the simply awesome Dewigg Double Cheeseburgers!!
Dan Hetser

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9/17/18, 10:22 AM   #12
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Disagree on the format. Heats were just okay, with Leary getting spun and going to the back being the best part. Too many fast cars on the front row. Including KTJ, who barely snuck onto the pole of his heat so he had to pass nobody.
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9/17/18, 12:19 PM   #13
Re: Usac: Thomas emerges from the wreckage to celebrate 3rd
Chief Wahoo
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Originally Posted by BrentTFunk View Post
Group qualifying did not save that much time. I think not having an overload of support classes saved more. Quick responses to cautions helped too. I also thought the track reworks were a little quicker than normal. Was this McDougals first visit to Tri State? I thought he ran well, and real well if it was. Also thought Schnapf ran good.
Yes, this was McDougals first time at TSS. He's an impressive gasser . Also Schnapf has made an incredible transition from modified to 410 and has basically become the new Kyle Cummins of TSS.
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Closed Thread Indiana Open Wheel > Indiana Open Wheel Forum > Usac: Thomas emerges from the wreckage to celebrate 3rd haub

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