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3/8/19, 12:16 PM   #1
40’ Cargo Mate Extra Height
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Cargo Mate, Goose, setup for 2 car team
3000 Honda Gen Set
Heavy Duty Axles (tri axle)
Hydraulic Landing Gear
White with Aluminum wheels
Metal walls, spray lined 4’ up
Metal floor with ties for 2 cars and 4 wheeler
Lock track on floor at the front.
Observation deck with inside ladder access.
Overhead beam with trolly from front to back.
Work bench with metal under cabinets, and over bench cabinets
New Large tool/parts storage box at front
Tires racks down both sides.
Over Wheel Well storage (double doors) on each side.
Plumbed in Aircompressor
Hose real at the back
Tire inflation Station mid trailer with whip hose and gauge holders.
Fold out lights at the back.
Well lit over head lights through out.
HRP, Pitpal accessories
Wing Holders
Rearend Rack (holds 3)
Front Axle Racks
Header Racks (3) sets
Radiator wall Racks
Paper Towl holders
Spray can, and bottle holders.
Wheel Wrench holders
Wheel cover holders
Fuel Racks hold Aprox (16) Jugs

This couldn’t be outfitted any better!

This thing is a dream set up for a sprint team.
If you get divorced for buying it, you still have a nice place to go.

Asking $16500
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Truck & Trailer Classifieds > 40’ Cargo Mate Extra Height

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