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Numerous items for sale. . .too much to list
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Numerous items for sale. . .too much to list all here. . .Scan list below for some of the larger items, but please call to schedule an appointment to check out everything in person. Shop is located in Machesney Park, IL, just over an hour West of Chicago and directly below the WI border. Easy access off of Hwy 90. I can be available almost anytime. Come hang out and let's make a deal!!! Serious inquiries make an offer on listed items. Nothing will insult me. We can plan for shipping after payment discussions. Thank-you. 815 494 6002.

Midget tail tank
Bumpers -- "older" style (work on Edmunds and copies) & others "modified/strengthened" from original form
ARS and "Older style" Pro & Carerra style shocks
Airhart brakes
6-pin front hubs (purchased brand new and have just a couple years of use)
Torsion bar stops
Torque bell flange
Brake caliper brackets
Throttle pedals
6 pin wheel spacer
Panard bar mounts
Steering arms
Brake pads
Seering wheel splined adapter
Brake fluid reservoirs
Master cylinders
Rear brake rotor flange
Misc. "midget racing related hardware".
Oil tank cylinder style. Tall. Fabricated side. No leaks.
Aluminum & Steel 44-1 Axles. Should fit Halibrand/QCS style rear-end. Good condition. All look straight. Should not be any excess fatigue.

Gaerte valvetrain parts...titanium valves and more...

Many other engine parts also available. Most would be ready to apply for the aluminum "arias" or Fontana style head. Believe many could work for Chevy II applications though. All are used, except some of the Wiseco pistons.
Fontana injection. Clean. Working condition. Butterflys "free" and function ok.
Valve Springs - $2 ea
Steel & Titanium Valves - $5 ea
Spark Plugs - $1 ea
Water passage guide (side of alum block) - $25
Alum adjust. rocker-arms - $15 ea
Misc Bearings - $5 all
Push rods - $4 ea
Rocker arm shaft - $10
Injector hoses - $15 all
Fuel pump housing - $15
Used Valve guides & seals - $10/bag
Head studs - $5 all
Spark Plug wires - $15/four
Injector stack & filter element - $30
Shims, valve cups, locks - $45 (approx enough to supply a head)
Lifters - $15 ea
Gaskets - $5 ea (copper head gaskets various thickness)
Pistons: two stock ChevyII - $5 ea
multiple other sizes and condition including brand new - Wiseco - $20/piston for used $25/piston for new
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Numerous items for sale. . .too much to list

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