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11/19/18, 7:43 PM   #1
Spike Chassis w/ XT Esslinger
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Spike Chassis with Esslinger XT For Sale
2007 Spike Chassis
2011 Esslinger XT with 23 race nights since complete rebuild by JET Motorsports
Car does not come with seat or belts
3.78 Winters rear end 31 spline
Spare complete front axle
3 RR wheels/tires (1 Chili Bowl wheel and tire, 2 POWRi legal wheels and tires)
3 LR wheel/tire
Spare radius rods, brake calipers, rotors, misc spares
1 year old HotHead Junior Pro 4
Battery Charger
4 or 5 Fuel Jugs, rear end oil pan
Wheel wrench
8 or 9 sets of Winters Gears
New injection nozzles
A few extra shocks
New oil pressure and temp gauge halfway thru this year
Anything and everything I have to go midget racing, goes with this car.
Not looking to separate car from motor or spares. Selling as a complete package. Car is race ready and will be pickled for winter. Buy now and get ready for Chili Bowl and 2019. 2nd place in 2018 POWRi Sooner Series Points, 4th in POWRi West Series Points.

Call, text, email or message me for any questions or if you would like to come see the car.
Hannah Adair (918)-407-8367
Russell Adair (918)-810-0802
(Please call Monday-Friday 2pm-9pm, call anytime Saturday/Sunday, text anytime)
$22,000 for everything I have related to a midget.
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Spike Chassis w/ XT Esslinger

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