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flagboy55 (Offline)
  #21 1/14/20 3:19 AM
I donít think the thread was hi-jacked the title was Chili Bowl after all. Reese, you have to go, and no better time than now to do it. If things play out this could be one for the ages. You wonít be disappointed. So night one in the book and young C Mac picks up the win for KKM. Maybe Keith doesnít need the big two?
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revjimk (Offline)
  #22 1/14/20 6:41 PM
Stop considering... just go!
ThePurple73 (Offline)
  #23 1/14/20 7:49 PM
I wish Ron Shuman would run again.
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flagboy55 (Offline)
  #24 1/15/20 2:31 AM
To the surprise of absolutely no one, Larson picks up the A main tonight. I read he had company in the form of Jonathan Beason. Bell wins the race of champions. Dillon Welch with a nice run from 16th to 4th. Sounds like things are shaping up pretty much as expected so far
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flagboy55 (Offline)
  #25 1/16/20 4:51 AM
One word for Wednesday night RICO!
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flagboy55 (Offline)
  #26 1/17/20 2:32 AM
So C Bell put a beat down on a tough Thursday night field. Great to see T Mez run second and punch his ticket to the big show.
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flagboy55 (Offline)
  #27 1/18/20 1:56 AM
Tanner Thorson picking up what I read has been the race of the year so far. I was hoping for another Grant Friday win but I sure didnít overlook Tanner. Letís get the party started. Whoís your pick?
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chathamracefan (Offline)
  #28 1/18/20 11:32 AM
The Friday feature was outstanding. Stenhouse led for a while then had problems & dropped out. Thorson, Windom, Bernal & others were up there dicing. Just Allgaier came from 16th & finished 5th. At one point in the last few laps he poked a nose in for 2nd. It was at least 3 wide a few times. Just bonkers action.

If tonight's A comes close to that it would be insane.
Jerry Shaw (Offline)
  #29 1/18/20 12:33 PM
That was one of the best Chili Bowl features I've seen, last night. At one point, Windom and Thorson were going at it for the lead and you had Grant, Klaasmeyer, and another car were battling right behind them and then coming out of turn 2 Bernal just throws this haymaker and passed the whole bunch. It was one of those "where the hell did he come from?!" moments. And at that same point Justin Allgaier had joined the lead pack, from 16th! And he briefly had second place. And Windom lost the lead and mounted comebacks, at least twice. Thorson eventually took the lead from Bernal and Windom got back to second, only to have Bernal take the last locked in position back, at the very end.


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reeserx (Offline)
  #30 1/19/20 1:16 AM
Bout damn time Larson got a driller!! What a week!
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