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nathans1012 (Offline)
  #1 7/3/19 10:31 PM
According to the tracks Facebook page the new Dirt Track at Edgewater plans on racing this year.

From the tracks Facebook page

- - - - -

Tentative Schedule in Place (dates only, classes and payouts tbd, subject to change)

Late Models, Modifieds and Crate Mods almost every race. Alternating Crate Late Models, Super Stocks, Hornets, Sprints, & Compacts.

For opening season, if your car is legal at Moler, Twin Cities, Florence, or Lawrenceburg you will be legal here. Check back for changes in the 2020 rules.

8/23 - Grand Opening (includes band and entertainment)
8/30 - TBD
9/8 - Late Models, other classes TBD
Hot Laps start at 5pm
9/13 - TBD
9/20 - TBD
9/22 - TBD
9/27 - TBD
9/29 - TBD
10/4 - TBD
10/6 - TBD
10/13 - Late Models, other classes TBD
10/18 - TBD
10/20 - TBD
10/25 - TBD
10/27 - TBD
11/2 - TBD starts at 4pm (weather permitting)
11/9 - TBD starts at 4pm (weather permitting)
11/16 - TBD starts at 4pm (weather permitting)
11/23 - TBD starts at 4pm (weather permitting)

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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #2 7/4/19 2:26 AM
I dropped by last Saturday, They have completed a ton of work in the last two months. Walls about half the wall up with fence polls. Small grandstand erected out of four, More grandstands waiting assembly. Needs lights Track lights some food trucks and restrooms. But seven weeks is possible.

Charles Nungester
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chrismattlin (Offline)
  #3 7/4/19 3:59 PM
A sprint car race on my birthday (11/9) would be SPECTACULAR! And only 10 minutes from home? I can only dream.
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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #4 7/5/19 8:14 PM
Your Bday is the day after mine. Not sure why they're scheduling sundays in Oct and Nov when hardly anyone is running but it still works.

Charles Nungester
Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #5 7/5/19 8:19 PM
I will say this, with four tracks within 50 miles of each other. If they don't work together, they'll all fail. Florence kinda does it's own thing but they hurt some nights themselves.

Give the guys two races back to back twice a month, Maybe make a Border wars series out of it with a point fund, IDK.

Wish em all luck.

Charles Nungester
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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #6 8/16/19 10:45 PM
Dirt Track at Edgewater
24 mins

Construction pushed us back slightly. Planning on running September 12th first opening and Sept 19th with test and tune Thursday Nigh Lights, live music, and more events to come. Come race your buddy around the track and let someone new experience what it feels like to be a dirt car driver. Grand opening pushed to Sept 22nd with a full show that potentially includes sprints. Keep checking back for updates. Looking out for our racers. Want to ensure the track is fully up to par before we open to full scheduling. FYI - starting to look for staff including EMT for our Ambulance, track prep crew, and race and tech personnel/managers. Send an email to if interested with skills and experience. Thanks for all your patience while we get prepped for opening day.

Charles Nungester
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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #7 8/22/19 6:37 PM
Township filed another injunction on track, all work has stopped.

Charles Nungester
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Therealether (Offline)
  #8 8/22/19 8:57 PM
Injunction for?
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motorhead748 (Offline)
  #9 8/23/19 7:49 AM
If those that are fighting this track would just let it happen I suspect it'd be gone on its own in time.
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Charles Nungester (Offline)
  #10 8/23/19 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by motorhead748:
If those that are fighting this track would just let it happen I suspect it'd be gone on its own in time.

Honestly, I agree with this: If at least two tracks don't get together and make arrangements either alternate weekends or some sort of combined championship $$$ FOUR DIRT TRACKS won't survive within 50mi of each other. Seven if you extend that a bit to include North Vernon, Atomic and Brush Creek.

Attica and Fremont have survived by working together amidst a half a dozen other dirt tracks trying to do their own thing

Really, the only two classes you could almost guarantee getting full fields of is Econo Mods and Hornets without some agreement or incentive your just diluting already shrinking fields of sprints and LMS.

Charles Nungester
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