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4badgers4 (Offline)
  #1 1/1/19 10:09 PM
Freshly built Honda 2.4L K-Series engine built to Badger Racing Association / POWRI rules by legendary midget engine builder Rick Paradis (formerly of Fontana) .

- Engine spec developed during 4 year partnership with Honda Performance Development.

- Durability tested by HPD to over 400 miles using Dyno test sequence created with actual race data.

- 10 feature wins in 2 seasons powering Badger champion Scott Hatton.

- Badger Championship engine in 2018.

- Stock Honda K-series block (with aftermarket sleeves), crank, and cylinder head casting.

- Quality aftermarket Rods, Pistons, Cams, Valves / Rocker Assembly plus high quality Barnes midget oil pump.

- Includes MSD midget ignition, fuel pump, header, U-joint adapter and template for motor plate.

- 6 race inspection and Technical support for tuning and install included.

- $16,995/obo.

- Additional Honda Sales and Service now available through Rick Paradis / Haisley Machine in Fairmount, IN.

- Contact Rick or Tony for more information.
polecar (Offline)
  #2 1/4/19 6:00 PM
Contact info.
polecar (Offline)
  #3 1/4/19 6:07 PM
Quantrill (Offline)
  #4 1/5/19 9:22 AM
What kind of horse power is this motor making?

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