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10/26/12, 12:40 PM   #1
Sawyer Roller For Sale (pics and walkaround vid)
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Car is SOLD!

This is a 2009 with less than 25 races on it this year, and less than 20 between the previous two owners before us. New Sawyer on the way. Love these cars. Selling as roller or race ready, includes:

Roller: $7,500

2 - Outlaw Wings top wings, 1 - 12' sq. with offset outlaw boards and 1 - 14' sq. with offset outlaw boards, both internal runners. Wings both like brand new
2 - Outlaw Wings 28" wide nose wings. One ran all year, slight kink in one sideboard and dings from track debris, other never has seen dirt
Hyper Adjustable Pedal assembly
Cockpit-adjustable panhard bar
ARS Shocks, fronts used, rears brand new, all non-adjustable
Barely used Weld front hubs
Used Aero Dynamics Wheels
Bumpers and nerfs in great shape, dent in right side nerf
Parts and components in great shape
Body in great shape
Frame in great shape
Powder coat new at beginning of season, in good shape
Electric Wing Slider
Water Temp Gauge
Fuel Pressure Guage
Radiator with Electric Fan with switch and thermostat
Electric Water Pump with switch and thermostat
Oddysey Battery
LF Brake

Race Ready: $10,500
Roller listed above with:

1-Mil Hollingsworth Performance 03-05 Silver and Black Yamaha R6 with about 15 nights on it. Rebuilt every 15-20 so, due for a rebuild.
Hollingsworth Stock Yamaha Carbs
Hot box with timing advance and no rev limiter
FTZ Ceramic Header/Exhaust
Wiring Harness

Check out the pictures taken this week of the car as it will be sold:

More pics on my Facebook page:
Also a Walkaround video of the car on there as well: ... =3&theater

Brad McDaniel
618-303-9325 Call: 4pm-10pm Weeknights or anytime Sat/Sun. Text: Anytime (Verizon)

Car is SOLD!
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Mini-Sprint Classifieds > Sawyer Roller For Sale (pics and walkaround vid)

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