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2009 bullet/mopar
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2009 Bullet with ex Tony Stewart Mopar engine(chili bowl winning engine)
All Sander components 3 races on rear end, new driveline 3 races on engine from rebuild by stanton. Spares include 2002 bullet frame with body, tail shell,2 radiators,radius rods,cages -Other spares include complete frontend,rear arms,stops,bare front axle,3 ignition boxes,2 sets of radius rods,header,nerfs bumpers,new body,high speed,oil pump belt 6 spare ars shocks,wilwood brakes,lots of gear sets,setup sheets,wheels are sander and include 4 right rears,5 left rears,2 chili bowl wheels,4 front non beadlock wheels,1 front beadlock wheel,1 pair of wheels for bellville,lots of good tires. These are all top of the line parts no junk!Neither one of the frames have been bent.
$28000 obo can send pic's
(661)722-1260 or
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > 2009 bullet/mopar

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