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1 mopar RP and 1 mopar W9 complete race ready only chili bowl mileage on engines since 100% fresh

1 wide body stealth frame
1 spike long arm kit

These cars can be rented for upcoming Montpelier races also

Wilwood nickel caliper radial mount kit with stainless rotor and black 31 spline brake clamp

3 shorai LFX18A1-BS12 batteries like new in box
2 magtech battery cables under seat to dash mount MSD connector

1 set 2 auto meter gauges silver
1 set 2 5/8 auto meter liquid filled silver gauges
1 set 2 5/8 quick car gauges
Fuel shut off valves -6
DMI torque ball, housing, and tube
1 RF weld direct mount hub
1 RF weld direct mount 3 spoke hub with TI studs
CSI and ARS shock cables various lengths
1 set front ARS gas shocks *******Fronts!!!!!!!!!🤦
1 set front CSI twin tube shocks
2 MPD long fuel filters -12
2 esslinger throttle cable XT left side injector
4 sets spike rear arms (long arm car)
3 spike front axles
2 twist lock shifter cables

Complete fabrication, engine installation, car assembly, engine rebuild service and dyno tune available.

Call or text
Located in Indy
Davey Ray
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Midget Parts, cars, engines

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