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Congratulations Jason McDougal and the whole 71P team on a well deserved victory!
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Re: It's JMAC at Bridgeport!
Jerry Shaw
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That was a great win and a great performance by Jason. After KT finally emerged from a great battle with Carson Short, about halfway through the race, conventional wisdom was that he would start reeling in the leader quickly. But that didn't really happen until late, when they got into lapped traffic. There were 2 back markers that interfered to the point, near the very end, that it would become a 3 car race for the win, with like 3 to go. Then there was a yellow that restarted as a green-white-checker scenario, with McDougal on point and KT Jr and Justin Grant lined up right behind him. And we've all seen it so many times, when a driver does all but win a race, only to have it snatched away from him on a late race restart. But, not tonight. Right after they took the green, McDougal just launched off of turn 2 and there was no doubt after that. In fact, he ran one of his fastest laps of the race on the final lap, when the track wasn't quite as fast as it had been earlier. Congrats to that whole team.

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