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RACEMECH22 (Offline)
  #1 6/7/17 11:27 AM
THE 2 TORQUE BALL ASSEMBLYS ARE SOLD, For Sale, cleaning out some spare inventory, 2 new torque ball assemblys $125. each.
made by Winters part #4605m.
these midget torque balls are the newer sealed type,
Shipping is $14.00 any ware in the US by US mail flat rate box.
Email or phone Glenn Ohlendorf at or 1 815 485 2579
You may also pickup parts, located in New Lenox IL 60451 ZIP
I can take PayPal for payment, check or cash is also good.
TQ29m (Offline)
  #2 6/7/17 12:43 PM
Are these for the 2.300 OD torque tube? Thanks!

"Being old, isn't half as much fun, as getting there"! Ole Robert I!
RACEMECH22 (Offline)
  #3 6/10/17 9:44 PM
Yes they are for the 2.300 midget torque tube
bzneil (Offline)
  #4 6/12/17 12:21 PM
Are these the 4.25" ball or 4.48"?
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