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I have a 2014 boss chassi has front axle body brand new a complete set of radius rods and 2 spare set's a set for nerf bars and an extra set and a diffrent style set so three total i have 3 w links or jacobs ladders complete ti64 bolt kit winters rearend dmi drive line and torqve tube with ball yoke brand new master cylinder battery box steel braded lines steering arm all torsion arm stops brass ends in the car torsion bars buttler built midget seat nothing on this car was bought short of quality or cost bst of all parts i have a 31 spline rear axle has very slight bend and can be fixed very cheap but we went with the 36 spline to match boss house cars i am located in il and am selling the car only due to having sponcers with a mdget ride and am going sprint car racing next year again non wing and wing or the car wold be getting finished and ready for indy dequoin and chilli bowl any other questions please call all parts are new i might be forgetting some parts but anything midget goes with this car you can go to the boss website and see what a roller cost and then see what chassi and body cost its a roller minus shocks spendles and bird cages body has nothing on it its brand new

contact me for pics and info roger (618)-580-8115 darrell (618)-806-1841 obo 6500.00 in cost we are above this price and ae gonna take a hit but i priced it for someone who wants a new great chassi and its priced very well with all spare parts and for all parts to be bran new
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > 2015 boss midget 0 races almost roller

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