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11/18/15, 3:14 PM   #31
Re: Members -- Please Read
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Originally Posted by dirt_trackgurl006 View Post
I don't get on here as regularly as I use to, however I am glad I did this time.
Mrs. G, THANK YOU for keeping this forum alive and for everything you do!! If it wasn't for IOW I would not have had the opportunity to meet other IOW Members, and get to know more of the racing community outside my comfort days go by, I have been taught a very valuable is taking over the world more each day...This is one of the reasons why we are loosing so many fans, drivers, car owners, sponsors. .etc. a lot of people want to post all the negative and bad things about the promoters, tracks, each other not just on here, but all social media websites...which isn't good for us and it leaves a bad impression on the first timers as well...we need more positive feedback as well as more fans in the stands..i realize money is very hard to come by these days....(yes father I do listen to you, once in awhile!
I do want to thank each and every one of the track promoters and staff, for all of their hard work!!

Thank you again Mrs. G
I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people this year! I hope to have the opportunity to meet more IOW members next year!!

Kasi Chapman
What she said!
Ron Miller
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11/18/15, 6:05 PM   #32
Re: Members -- Please Read
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Originally Posted by jjones752 View Post
I fear we as a group may have been guilty of setting a certain individual off in Mrs. G's direction and I'm truly sorry if I played even a small a part in "honking at Charlie". For the most part what goes on in IOW is a good thing. Thanks, Mrs G, for putting up with us and keeping Bill's vision alive.
My sentiments precisely. I typed a pretty long, not so nice reply in a thread that ended up being locked the next day. I have to imagine that thread played a part in Mrs G feeling the need to take us to task.

I want to apologize to Mrs G for any backlash she dealt with, and to all the IOW family who make this one of the last great boards on the web.

My username is a combination of my first initial and last name, but I have to remind myself that I am still somewhat anonymous on here to members who don't already know me. So to anybody who thinks I hide behind a screen name I also apologize.

Dustin Arnall
11/19/15, 9:08 AM   #33
Re: Members -- Please Read
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Just put this out there. My Screen Name ScottyCbus comes from the fact that my name is Scott and I have lived in Columbus Indiana most of my life. I'm not hiding behind a screen name. I to have commented on here and Bill let me know very quickly that I didn't necessarily say something that was bad but it could have been taken the wrong way as such. I told Bill that this wouldn't happen again and to date all is good. Thanks Mr.G for keeping this board alive and doing what you do. For that we love you, Just like we will always love Bill for making this all possible.

Sincerely, Scott McCloskey
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11/20/15, 9:41 AM   #34
Re: Members -- Please Read
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The saddest part of this whole thread is that it's even needed. Given how much of a niche sport sprint car racing is, I have never understood why people get in pissing matches.

I don't know about you, but I get tired of when I tell people I like racing they say, "oh you like Nascar." Ah, that would be a negative. I'm not part of the brainwashed crowd that thinks that qualifies as actual racing.

Don't understand why people get into it with others. There are a lot of things said on here I don't agree with ("the I wasn't there, but" crowd is my personal favorite), but I'm not getting into an argument over it. There are things said by people that don't know the whole story behind something. Not saying everything should be all positive just to be positive. If something was a negative, it should be commented on as such. Just don't understand personal attacks.

I fall into the category of someone who used to read/post a lot on this site. I find myself not coming here as much because I have better things to do with my time than read pages of personal fighting.
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